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Media Glossary

We hope you find our glossary useful. As you come across new words and media expressions send them to us here!

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Abbreviation for 'Integrated Services Digital Network'. Basically a way to move more data over existing regular phone lines. Used for sending print and radio ads from production departments/companies to the media.


Abbreviation for 'Internet Service Provider'. ISP can provide connectivity to the Internet, host web pages for users, or be 'carriage service providers' who provide access to the Internet.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

As communications media diversified each with its own specialists, consumers began to hear different messages from the same brands. IMC was created to manage communications more consistently from the consumer's perspective, e.g. a single creative brief for all media.

Internet Protocol

A method for delivering information from one computer to another. Each computer has an IP address which is a string of four numbers separated by periods (such as123.45.6.789) to uniquely identify it from all other machines on the internet.


Advertising information, usually a webpage, which is downloaded and displayed to users while they wait for other web based material to download.

Issue Date

The date printed on the cover of a magazine. This is also referred to as the 'Cover Date'. See also 'On-Sale Date'.



Abbreviation for 'Junior Page Colour'.


Abbreviation for 'Joint Photographic Experts Group'. It is most commonly mentioned as a format for image files. JPEG format is preferred to the GIF format for photographic images as opposed to line art or simple logo art.


Keyword Marketing

The purchase of keywords (or search terms) by advertisers in search listings.


List Server

An automated mailing list distribution system. List servers maintain a list of email addresses to be used for mass emailing. Subscribing and unsubscribing to the list is accomplished by sending a properly formatted email message to the list server.


Extra cost ($ or %) that you pay for a premium position such as Outside Back Cover, Inside Front Cover etc.

Local Area Network

A computer network covering a small geographic area, like a home, office, or group of buildings e.g. a school. The defining characteristics of LANs, in contrast to Wide Area Networks (WANs),include their much higher data transfer rates, smaller geographic range, and lack of a need for leased telecommunication lines.



File format use to compress and transmit video clips online.

Make good

Usually refers to a free commercial given by a television station in lieu of a commercial incorrectly telecast, or not telecast at all, due to the fault of the station.


A sub-site reached via clicking on an ad. The users stays on the publishers website, but has access to more information from the advertiser.


Term for black and white printing. Abbreviation of the word 'monochrome'.


Newspaper Format

Refers to the size of the newspaper i.e. Tabloid (Daily Telegraph, HeraldSun) Broadsheet (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age).



Abbreviation for 'Outside Back Cover'.


Mobile sites that can be accessed by anyone who has a web enabled mobile and a data plan regardless of who their carrier is.

On Sale Date

The date a publication actually goes on sale(hits the stands).


Mobile sites that are accessed via your own mobile carrier portal. Only customers of that specific carrier can access these mobile sites.


An individual has given a company permission to use their data for marketing purposes.


An individual has stated that they don't want a company to use his/her data for marketing purposes.



Abbreviation for 'Publisher's Claim'. Used in lieu of audited circulation figures.


Pay Per Click. Allows advertisers to bid for placement in the search results on terms that are relevant to their business. Advertisers pay the amount of their bid only when a consumer clicks on their listing. Also called Sponsored Search.

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