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Media Glossary

We hope you find our glossary useful. As you come across new words and media expressions send them to us here!

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Australian Association of National Advertisers.


Australian Advertising Rate and Data Service.


The highest socioeconomic classification group.


Audit Bureau of Circulations: Audits and publishes 'average net paid sales' (circulation) per issue for member publications(newspapers and magazines). The audit is census based, checking actual sales and does not report free copies.


Australian Business and Specialist Publishers. Former name for Publishers Australia, the peak body for specialist, B2B and niche consumer magazine and digital publishers.


Advertising Federation of Australia, the association representing advertising agencies.

Ad Serving

Delivery of ads to an end user's computer by an ad serving technology company or system.


Is generally a paid segment on television or space in magazines which talks about a particular product within the program or magazine/newspaper.

Affiliate Marketing

An agreement between two sites in which one site agrees to feature content or advertising that will drive traffic to the other site. In return, the affiliate receives commission generated from the traffic that it has delivered.


The set of 'rules' the search engine uses to determine the relevance of a web page (and therefore ranking) in it's natural search results.

Ambush marketing

A sponsorship tactic in which a company which is not a sponsor of a, event attempts to capitalize on it via actions which suggest that they are an official sponsor.

Animated GIF

An animation created by combining multiple GIF (Graphics Interchange Format a compressed file which reduces the amount of time it takes to transfer images over a network connection) images in one file.


In media research terms normally means an(independent) assessment as to the technical validity of a specified survey. Magazine and newspaper audits involve the verification of 'net paid' circulation estimates. In media terms this refers to independent auditing of media buying. This is generally done by 'pooling' buys of similar demographics and then comparing buying efficiency (CPM) to the pool.

Average Frequency

The average number of times an audience is potentially exposed to an advertising message over a given period.

Average Issue Reader

An average issue reader of a given publication is a person who conforms to a stated readership qualification. For example, an average issue reader of New Idea may be defined as a person who reads or 'looks into' any issue of New Idea within the seven days immediately prior to being interviewed by the survey company. Various readership surveys define the concept of an 'average issue reader' in different ways. In interpreting readership survey data, the basis of this definition should be borne in mind.


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