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Media Glossary

We hope you find our glossary useful. As you come across new words and media expressions send them to us here!

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High Definition Television. A digital-format system with higher resolution or pictorial clarity, as more lines per picture frame are transmitted.


Abbreviation for 'Half Page Colour'.


Abbreviation for 'HyperText Markup Language'. The coding language used to create Hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web.

Heavy User

Refers to that proportion of 'all users' of a specified product or brand who use more of the product or brand than other users. The term is usually used in triptile analysis where all users are ranked by weight of usage and the divided into three equal sized groups.


Generally refers to a period of non-activity between bursts or flights of advertising.


A system that allows documents to be linked to one another over the internet. Hyperlinks are usually highlighted words which take the user to another site when clicked on.


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