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Media Glossary

We hope you find our glossary useful. As you come across new words and media expressions send them to us here!

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Abbreviation for 'Right Hand Page'.


Return on Investment. A quantitative analysis of investment in advertising and marketing budgets and the resulting return on the investment.


Return On Objective uses client objectives to measure the impact of an advertising campaign in order to provide advertisers with insight into attitudes, awareness and qualitative aspects of consumer behaviour.


Abbreviation for 'Readers Per Copy'. Equals total readership divided by circulation.


Really Simple Syndication. RSS feed allows users to see when sites from all over the internet have added new content. You can get the latest headlines and articles, audio files, photographs or video in one place, as soon as they are published, without having to remember to visit each site every day.


The number of different people in the target audience reached at least once by an advertisement.


The total number of people who read a particular publication. It is made up of those who purchase (and read) the publication, plus those that they pass their copy onto.


In marketing or audience research refers to the concept of a respondent being able to remember a particular event, advertisement or experience. Recall can be aided or unaided.


Is the name given to a method of audience research, usually relating to newspaper and magazines, which attempts to measure respondents' readership of specific publications by asking questions like... 'when did you last read an issue of??'

Recognition Method

Is a research technique to determine the extent of a respondent's ability to remember an advertisement, a publication or a program with the aid of a cue offered by the interviewer.

Replicated Readership

Means readership by the same person, of the same issue of a particular publication within the period of the survey.

Rich Media

Refers to media that allows for active participation by the recipient, hence interactivity. A method of communication that incorporates animation, sound, video and/or interactivity.

Roy Morgan Values

Ten 'values' segments developed by Roy Morgan Research in conjunction with Colin Benjamin of the Horizon Network. They help to identify groups of people who share similar values and attitudes to life.


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