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Media Glossary

We hope you find our glossary useful. As you come across new words and media expressions send them to us here!

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Search Engine Marketing. The process which aims to get websites listed prominently in search engine results through search engine optimization, sponsored search and paid inclusion.


Search Engine Optimisation. The process which aims to get websites listed prominently within a search engines natural results.

Search Engine

A system for searching the information available on the Web. Some search engines work by automatically searching the contents of other systems and creating a database of the results. Other search engines contain only material manually approved for inclusion in a database, and some combine the two approaches.

Socio/Economic Data

Refers to classifications of people or households which relate to 'class', income, occupation, etc.


An inappropriate attempt to use a mailing list, or other networked communications facility as if it was a broadcast medium by sending the same message to a large number of people who didn't ask for it.

Split Run

Is a scheduling technique whereby two different pieces of copy (creative material) are placed in a publication.

Sponsored Search

The delivery of relevance-targeted text ads as part of the search experience. Intended to satisfy users need for relevant search results, and the advertiser's desire for qualified traffic to their website.


In print/press, refers to Black and White with up to three colours. In television refers to a spot placement or booking in a particular program.

Starch (Starch Scores)

Is an aided recall method of measuring press advertisement readership. Respondents are taken through a publication page by page and asked a series of questions to determine whether or not he/she (i) remembered seeing or reading each advertisement, (ii) accurately recalled the product or brand and ad referred to, and (iii) read more than half the copy. These three elements provide three corresponding scores of readership ? noted, associated and read most. It is named after its founder.


On the Web attracts visitors to return to the site and/or spend long periods of time on the same site.


A form of rich media advertising which allows a TV like experience on the web. It is fully pre-cached before playing.

Syndicated Research

Is usually conducted by an independent research organisation, and financed by its sale to all members of a given industry.


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