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New Research: Early adopters heavily into magazines

28 Apr 2009

Early adopters – those who are the first to try new technologies, products and fashion - are more likely to be heavy users of magazines than other media, according to findings from the recent Roy Morgan readership survey.

The survey, which was for the 12 months to December 2008, showed that more than three in ten Australians aged over 14 are considered “heavy” magazine readers (more than 5 magazines in the survey period) and they index higher as early adopters in many categories, compared to other heavy media users.

According to the Magazine Publishers of Australia who reported the findings, when it comes to trialing new products at the supermarket, heavy magazine readers are 25 per cent more likely than the general population to be early adopters, compared to heavy commercial TV users, with 16 per cent more likely. Heavy internet users index only three per cent higher than the general public, while radio listeners index lowest as early adopters of supermarket brands – lower than the population average.

Other categories included:

- Fashion; heavy magazine users are 48 percent more likely be early adopters of the latest fashions compared to TV heavy users at only 7 percent and internet heavies at just 5 percent.

- Cosmetics; magazines score 60 percent higher than the population vs TV at just 22 percent, with other media either level with or under the population average.

- Mobile phones; heavy magazine readers are 22 percent more likely to be early adopters, competitive with heavy internet users at 27 percent, and ahead of heavy TV viewers which index just 16 percent higher.



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