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Advertisers lobby for government stimulus package

26 May 2009

Following the call from the head of GPY&R Melbourne and Gruen Transfer panellist Russel Howcroft for the government to back an ad-industry stimulus package, it has emerged that the advertising lobby intends to move forward with the scheme, despite it being labelled as a gimmick.

The Sydney Morning Herald
reports that the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) is just two months away from finalising a proposal to take to Canberra.

Chairman of the association, News Ltd marketing director Joe Talcott said that if ad budgets weren’t cut, it would have an impact on a speedy economic recovery.

Talcott’s assertion is backed up with research from PricewaterhouseCoopers that found businesses that maintained or increased their ad spend during the previous recession "performed significantly" better than those that reduced their ad budgets. However Gregory Will, a partner at PWC, said to the SMH that such a scheme "would certainly benefit the business and the wider advertising industry, but it is a bit of a long bow to draw [on it benefiting the economy].

"[The Government would] have to judge it against the potential impact of other [competing] direct incentives."



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