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Campaign for Paste raises $166k in donations.

26 May 2009

In a move that shows the lengths that some magazine publishers are going to in order to keep their mastheads alive, the publisher of US independent music magazine Paste has asked readers to donate to the magazine to save it from going under.

In its first week, the “Campaign to save Paste” raised US$166 000 (AU$213 000) for Paste magazine.

“As a completely independent magazine, Paste has struggled for the past nine months as advertisers have decided to wait on buying ads in response to the recession. Last month, cash received unexpectedly reached an all-time low, and turned a tough situation into a short-term crisis,” said editor Josh Jackson in an email to readers.

As an incentive, Paste is offering giveaways donated by artists to people that donate money. Jackson also noted that 2008 was Paste's best year, finding the magazine reaching highs in distribution, subscriptions, and web traffic.



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