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Print and Online Perfect Partners

02 Jun 2009

The never ending discussion within the publishing industry of print and online, friends or foes, continues with magazine industry experts arguing that magazine publishers must use the ‘emotional engagement’ of print to start a conversation that can move online.


Paul Kurzeja, of UK based Redwood Publishing provides some food for thought. He believes that “As a medium paper can build an emotional relationship with readers and grab attention.” He goes on to say that “Publishers must utilise the ‘unique strengths of paper, including developing innovative features, such as scratch and sniff, textural and glow in the dark pages, it’s about creating a did-you-see moment. Creating the conversation and letting it go.”


With online social forums such as Twitter and Facebook bringing the world closer together than ever before having a point of difference is what gets you noticed, Kurzeja believes “It’s about using the digital landscape to spread your messages. It’s not about controlling the conversation; it’s about feeding the conversation.”


For immediate information, online is always going to be the way however, there is still nothing better than the tactile nature of a magazine and when faced with a newsstand full of publications having a point of difference will certainly give you the advantage.



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