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Publishers Australia get a taste of Unified Media from Realview

04 Jun 2009

Celebrating ten years in business this week, digital publishing services provider Realview unveiled a bold new business proposition along with a new brand look to members of Publishers Australia. Realview chief Richard Lindley says digital publishing services have come of age and that unified media technologies will help sustain the print tradition whilst ensuring digital content is fully leveraged to produce clear commerical outcomes for publishers and businesses.

He believes Realview's Unified Media platform will help publishers and business converge existing investments in print, web and online channels and has set out to squarely target the publishing industry with this message - "Unify and Thrive."

"Readers React to Realview' is the promise we make and ‘Increasing Circulation.Online' is the business we're in. Our new logo, brand platform and website all reflect a ten year transition from software developer to digital publishing services provider and I am confident we are the best such provider in the world," said Lindley. "We will take a strong lead in the conversion, production, distribution and audit of Unified Media and we believe Unified Media the single most most exciting development emerging in the industry."

Realview's Unified Media platform has found favour amongst publishers, marketers and advertisers who know getting content online is not the same as making digital channels profitable. While there are many forms of software available to get content online, service providers like Realview are gaining increased traction, because they focus not on software but on strategies that ensure unified media initiatives generate revenue.

"The Realview Unified Media platform gives publishers and marketers an entirely new way to converge content and add value to existing print, web and online investments. We've spent ten years perfecting our offering and we'll spend the next ten helping publishers, marketers and advertisers harness the power of unified media by making digital channels pay real dividends," said Lindley.

The new website for Realview features the promise "Readers React and showcases the publications already utilising the power of Realview's Unified Media platform. Banner advertising also promotes the core business, ‘Increasing Circulation. Online.'
The advertising industry is also beginning to pay attention to the potential of unified media and according to Lindley, publishers should monitor the market for agencies that are using unified media technologies to pitch new accounts and produce digital communications pieces for their clients.

"Realview Unified Media makes it possible to deliver campaigns and communications in a way that encompasses print, data and audio, video, interactive response and even voice in a single execution," he said. "Advertisers are starting to realise what this means in terms of consumer engagement and it won't be long before major brands start setting new benchmarks. We're working with publishers now that have already pre-sold 12 months worth of advertising into Realview Unified Media publications, which proves categorically that brands are looking for new ways to leverage content and accurately audit the results."


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