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Electronic Magazines CAB Audit Trials

09 Jun 2009

Sydney based digital publishing services provider Realview will be the first to be trialled under the Circulations Audit Board (CAB) new Digital Publication Audit service.


A select group of current CAB members that are utilising Realview's Unified Media production platform, will be part of the trial. The trial will verify the number of download requests for digital publications and the number of times a digital publication is opened. In addition publishers will have the option to audit the download of specified pages in their digital editions and the number of clicks received by active ads in the publication .


The new audit status means all publications produced using the Realview Unified Media production platform can participate in an audit with data automatically collected and lodged for verification by the industry watchdog. The audit of access to a digital publication produced through the Realview service is a first time event for the Australian publishing industry.

Established ten years ago by founders Richard Lindley and Derek Chan, Realview has developed technology that converges multiple forms of media and unfies them into a single channel. The Realview Unified Media production platform is used by Conde Nast, Fairfax, Cumberland, Pacific Publications and APN amongst others.

Unified media production technologies such as that developed by Realview have many applications for brands and corporations, but the audit process is especially salient for publishers because of the value attached to official circulation figures. The ability for Realview clients to easily access CAB's Digital Publication Audit is a great opportunity for publishers to add credibility to the data they provide media buyers.

Gordon Towell, CEO of the Circulations Audit Board commented "We are delighted to be working with Richard and his team to ensure Realview's unique digital technology will readily comply with CAB's Digital Publication Audit. This is yet another step towards providing this industry with verified, audited data to ensure media buyers and advertisers can have confidence in the reported numbers."

Pending the outcome of the trials the first audits are expected to be completed by July and will be reported in CAB's new eData portal showcasing audited multi-channel brand reporting.

Realview CEO, Mr. Richard Lindley said "We're currently the only online solution that reports to Nielsen Market Intelligence and site census. Incorporating CAB web audit processes adds another independent data set to further prove that readers react to Realview by increasing their consumption and depth of engagement with each publication they receive. We've been measuring the penetration of our solution for some time and we know readers react. Used the right way, our solution fully leverages the value of print titles, drives additional traffic to websites and acts as an engagement catalyst for other online initiatives, such as newsletters, RSS feeds and podcasts."



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