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Why Australian Niche Magazines Appeal to Australian Audiences

12 Jun 2009

One of the reasons that Australian targeted title publications have not lost circulation as dramatically as the mass titles in recent history is the quality of their connection with their readers. That connection comes from local publishers producing for local audiences - they understand and know what their readers are looking for. "If a reader loves surfing, they will buy that surfing magazine - even in a recession," commented Publishers Australia CEO Alan Sarkissian, "but it is only the ultra keen enthusiast who will break a $20 to get that $14 imported title from America, and it is the imported titles that are choking the system." It's a matter of volume.

Of the 4,000 titles on Australian newsstands, an estimated 2,500 to 3,000 are imported from overseas. No doubt there are some that play a legitimate role in keeping the Australian consumer informed or entertained, but the sheer volume is costing local Australian publishers - and newsagents.

Newsagents have to receive, unpack, display and process thousands of imported titles each year. These titles often have low sales, perform at very low efficiencies, block shelf‐space for better selling publications, and simply overwhelm newsagents with paperwork.

10 Reasons To Stock Australian magazines

1) They're made with a true sense of what Australian readers want
2) They sell more.
3) They are supplied at better efficiencies.
4) Their cover prices are more accessible.
5) They don't frustrate their readers with competitions that can't be entered.
6) They don't offer advertising that is irrelevant or culturally confusing.
7) They publish in real time (the Spring issue is in Spring not Summer).
8) They are supported by promotional plans.
9) They are less problematic for retailers.
10) They deliver more return‐on‐investment!

Representing the Top 500 quality Australian targeted‐title magazines
The Publishers Australia Newsagency Action Leadership Group represents quality, independent, Australian publishers with niche titles selling in the newsstand top 500. The group seeks to increase sales of quality Australian magazines by working with newsagents. It exists to increase the sales and efficiency of supply of Australian publications and to promote the benefits of Australian magazines.




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