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The Big Issue Magazine a Win/Win

16 Jun 2009

The edition of The Big Issue that came out yesterday marks thirteen years since the magazines launch in Australia and according to The Big Issue chief executive Steve Persson, the magazine has come a long way to changing the publics perception of the homeless and disadvantage and breaking down the apprehension about approaching them.


And whilst the current economic climate has had an effect on sales, Roy Morgan Research last reported the publications readership at 128,0000.


The Economic Value of Street Vendor Program report released this week has revealed that the money earned through the approximately 350 homeless, marginalised or disadvantaged vendors saves taxpayers about $7 million a year in support services. With vendors selling the magazine for $5 and keeping half for themselves saves taxpayers $20,000 per vendor, per year in welfare services which the vendors would not have otherwise been able to pay for.


Since its launch in 1996, The Big Issue vendors in Australia have sold over 5 million magazines, with almost $10 million going into the pockets of Australia's homeless and unemployed.


Besides the financial benefits the program transforms lives by reconnecting homeless with the community and providing them with a real sense of purpose and belonging, whilst also them a great boost in self-esteem and a vision for a brighter future.



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