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Street Press-Mass Readership, Advertising Effectiveness

23 Jun 2009

The Cumberland and Courier Newspapers have revamped the free Sydney magazine Ninetofive to feature a new entertainment section. As reported in The Australian, Alive is an extension of the Alive brand, which already features in their newspapers across Sydney and the central coast.


Cumberland-Courier general manager John Webster, said "Alive Sydney fills a gap in the market, tapping into Sydney's thriving social scene,"


Webster added: "Alive is all about inspiring people to explore our city, and aiding their decision-making when it comes to how and where they spend their money."


Editor-in-chief Bob Osburn said Alive will be "strictly Sydney" and goes out on a Thursday in time for workers to plan the party end of the week.


This opens up the conversation on the success of street press during these tough times. Publishing Edge had the opportunity to discuss these issues with Ian Wakeling, Managing Director of TNT Magazine Australia, through our sister publication Media Trends + Strategy.


Wakeling says: "The biggest advantage in offering a free street publication, like TNT Magazine, is the access to readers - backpackers and young travellers love something for nothing. By partnering with the industry in developing a sound distribution network, the publication is highly targeted and finds its mark. The lack of cover price and having to deal with national distribution companies and the associated costs also allows us to pass on any savings to the advertiser."


Wakeling, like many other publishers, is also taking advantage of the role of online publishing and says they continue to work on the online model; "We are getting our heads around the enormous opportunities provided by the internet. Our readership grew up with the internet and it is very much second nature to them. It's vital we service the travellers through this medium."


Cross promotion is another important initiative when it comes to free street press with TNT Magazine forming strong alliances within the travel industry stating that, "It's important for the industry to accept us as part of the mix."



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