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Mag Flu Pandemic

23 Jun 2009

Passionate magazine retailer Mag Nation, in their recent newsletter, warned their readers, in an unashamed display of self promotion, that they have the antidote to Mag Flu.


"The time for panic has come. The World Magazine Organisation (WMO) has raised its alert level to a pandemic. Yes, Mag Flu is starting to spread at a rate never anticipated by the authorities." As reported in Mag Nations Newsletter.


It goes on to say; "Unfortunately, there is no known cure for Mag Flu, and the results are permanent. Once infected, you will be addicted to magazines for life. Millions are predicted to fall victim."


"A number of epi-centres have been identified. Elizabeth St and Greville St in Melbourne. Ponsonby, Queen St and Sylvia Park in Auckland. However, what has made this particular virus so dangerous has been a new mode of transmission. Scientists have called this threat"


"For those of you, who have already been infected, please be vigilant. The real danger is that virus will further mutate to affect those with a weak disposition towards design books, stationery and niche t-shirts. If you fall into this category, you are advised to stay away from the third floor. You may never fully recover," they state on their creative website



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