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Are Social Technologies a Threat to Traditional Media?

07 Jul 2009

News Limited marketing chief Joe Talcott spoke at the Cannes International Advertising Festival on the topic of whether traditional marketers are under threat from Twitter and other social technologies.


As reported in Ad News, Talcott said in his address; "Technology is changing at an ever-quickening pace and with it, the way people communicate with each other. This has major implications on advertising, marketing and media"


"Today, audiences are fragmented, sophisticated and cynical. And for the first time, marketers are trying to connect with consumers who are individually and ‘en masse' connected with each other. The lines between content producers and content consumers are blurred." He said.


In Talcott's address he spoke of "weapons of mass disruption" and concluded that the relevance of a new business model is essential in forward planning.



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