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Positive Dialogue Aimed at Australia Post

21 Jul 2009

Print Post price increases are now being absorbed by publishers using this means of distribution. Publishers Australia, who represent over 500 magazine titles, many distributed through controlled circulation using Australia Post services, are set to re-convene with Australia Post in an attempt to forge closer ties aimed at having significant imput into discussions for future postal rate increases.


In the past issues of Publishing Edge we endeavoured to provide a platform for open discussion presenting views from all sides. David Docherty, a director of D&D Mailing, has been at the vanguard supporting publishers in their understanding of the ramifications of the price rise on various aspects of the distribution process. At the same time we have afforded the opportunity for Australia Post to present their views and on one occasion received a statement from them which was duly published in this newsletter. Mention was also made of the MAJOR MAIL USERS OF AUSTRALIA (MMUA), an association representing some of the heavyweights who use mail as their source of distribution. A statement released by their CEO, John Gillroy, was sent to a wide circle of interested parties and in essence aimed to distance themselves in what they believe was a running dispute between Publishers Australia, D&D Mailing and Australia Post. Whilst congratulating D&D Mailing on pressing their views, their statement set out to correct some errors of their process of negotiation with Australia Post which honoured the protocol put in place with Australia Post some years earlier in which they had open dialogue with regard to comments and views of any proposed price increases.


Gillroy pointed out that any innuendo based on consultancy not being in concert with their members was false and whilst their association with Australia Post is somewhat tenuous transparent consultation has always been the case.


As Alan Sarkissian, executive director of Publishers Australia stated to Publishing Edge, he along with Geoff Hird, chairman of the association, will be meeting with Australia Post in early August to discuss a way in which the process in which the MMUA were involved in recent discussions can be streamlined to assist publishers, in particular their members, gain a greater voice in future postage rate determination.



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