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B2B Publisher gets greener with 2nd digital magazine launch

28 Jul 2009

Technology publishing group Westwick-Farrow Media has launched its second digital magazine with info tech title Voice&Data delivered to readers last    week. The eMag uses the market leading Texterity digital publishing platform, requiring no plug-ins or downloads, and featuring a unique iPhone interface for mobile device delivery.


Voice&Data follows the successful digital edition launch of another Westwick-Farrow Media B2B title, Sustainability Matters, last month. "Our goal with the rollout of digital editions is to give our readers in specific industry and business sectors what they want, when they want it, and how they want to receive it. The print and digital magazines are complemented by targeted web communities and eNewsletters - and all are free to qualified business professionals," Voice&Data Publisher Geoff Hird stated.


The eMags are easy to use, offer all the content found in the print edition (and more), and allow readers the added benefits of being able to search on specific terms, share articles with colleagues via email, download specific pages and link directly to any url listed in editorial items or advertising.


"Digital magazines are not by any means new, but the technology advances in the last 12 months have made this delivery platform a must-offer for magazine publishers to their valued readers," Hird said.


"It also supports Westwick-Farrow Media's new Green Publishing Policy, as we are now offering readers the choice of print or digital delivery - allowing us to reduce print runs without reducing (audited) circulation," Hird added.


The Circulation Audit Board (CAB) is supporting such publisher initiatives by auditing digital magazine delivery alongside that of print magazines - ensuring transparency and clarity for media buyers and advertisers.


Voice&Data and Sustainability Matters will continue to be available in print and digital versions for the foreseeable future, according to Hird, and Westwick-Farrow Media plans to offer digital versions of other selected titles over the coming 6 months.


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