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E-paper to Embrace Magazines, Newspapers and Books Within Five Years

28 Jul 2009

According to a report released from research company Gartner, E-papers properties of portability, flexibility and legibility will be harnessed as technology improves.


As reported in ProPrint online its Emerging Technology Analysis: Electronic Paper report, states that currently e-paper and print will co-exist however in the long run e-paper will replace print in some sectors and within five years the technology could be used for timetables, business documents, newspapers, magazines and books along with some retail sectors benefiting with in -store applications, including point-of-purchase advertising and menus.


Points for e-paper is the low power consumption, legibility, similarity to paper and environmental advantages however points against are the lack of content for e-readers, lack of support for colour, the difficulty displaying moving images and the falling cost and increasing quality of rival display technologies such as OLED and LCD along with the high cost of e-readers.


Gartner senior research director SJ Chae said, "E-paper has some barriers to overcome before gaining credibility in the mainstream market however, it is generating a great deal of interest and we can expect adoption to increase steadily over the next few years as technology improves."


"Growing interest in environmental issues and the young generation's digital familiarity will accelerate the e-paper market expansion, also allowing the technology to penetrate existing paper based industries. Additional functions such as displaying moving pictures and real time downloading information will also change the paper based business environment", the report concluded.



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