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oOh!media Launches Unique Experiential Retail Solutions

28 Jul 2009

With new research showing the positive impact of sampling in purchasing decisions, Australia’s most dynamic, progressive and creative out-of-home company, oOh!media, has introduced a new experiential solution to its retail offering – ShopaLite Live.

ShopaLite Live brings a standard oOhretail! campaign to life, with trained experiential staff located at key ShopaLite sites actively engaging with consumers to drive a positive brand experience within the purchasing environment by handing out product samples, vouchers or brand information.

The introduction of ShopaLite Live comes as new findings from Arbitron reveal the influence that product sampling has over consumers and their buying decisions.

This includes:

•    More than one third of customers who tried a sample bought the product during the same shopping trip
•    85 per cent of those new to the product who sampled it said they would purchase it again
•    24 per cent said they bought the product they sampled instead of the item they initially set out to purchase

oOh! General Manager of Strategy, Kelly McIlwraith, said following successful experiential campaigns involving Kraft Oreo’s, Lindt Chocolates and V05 Haircare, oOh! had made ShopaLite Live a permanent offering along with its already established experiential solutions.

“Through our trials, we have found ShopaLite Live is a superior sampling option to in-store promotions as it provides powerful visibility and accessibility being positioned in high traffic areas,” Ms McIlwraith said.

“Our research shows that 53 per cent of consumers go straight to the aisles they need.  Sampling to consumers prior to entering the store will point them towards the aisle where your product is located.

“As a chosen destination, shopping centres are a targeted environment and often one which the shoppers are in the mood to be advertised to, and are happy to receive information about products and services.  

“Consumers are particularly receptive to free product samples and combining it with the power of retail advertising ensures that a brand or product is not forgotten when they go to make a purchasing decision.”

oOh! is the largest retail signage supplier in Australia, with a presence in over 300 shopping centres. ShopaLite Live is not only powerful for positive consumer engagement but is also unique to oOh!, confirming oOh! as the number one provider of retail media solutions in Australia.

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