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30 Jul 2009

The biggest component of your mailing bill is the Australia Post postal rates - publishers accept this rate unquestioningly.


Instead publishers make decisions based on the mailing house process, which is only based on the smallest component of the invoice.


The Australia Post Print Post rate has generally been considered untouchable. That's not the case, says Joe Pesce, Director of Intellimail.


"As the Australia Post postal rate comprises 80% to 90% of the publisher's mailing cost, that's the component of the invoice that should be attacked," says Mr Pesce.


"There are so many cost variations within Australia Post that make the costing confusing. There's grouping of post codes; weight; transport; and the cost comparison between lodgement interstate and intrastate."


The key to a significant reduction in Print Post mailing costs is this Line Haulage component.


"It works like this:  


 if a lodgement of a 500gram A4 plastic wrap magazines destined for NSW was to be lodged in Victoria it would cost $3.48 per unit as other state residue. The same article lodged in NSW as local mail would attract a postage cost of $2.53. A saving of 95 cents per unit. " says Mr Pesce.


Traditionally no one has been able to give an accurate price prior to the processing of the mailing job.


In an industry first, Intellimail has developed software that determines the cheapest way your mail can be distributed.


"By simply uploading the suburb, state, post code field of the data base, size and weight of the posted item, the software makes an instant comparison as to what items should be line hauled interstate or lodged in your home city.


"We can find savings in your mailing bill of up to 30%."


Through their automated processing abilities, Intellimail can also determine the lowest mailing processing costs. The system has already bypassed the IT component of the mailing house invoice.


There is now little or no IT requirement from the mailing house.


"All the client needs to provide is the specs to determine the postal costs. We do the rest. It's a more efficient, streamlined system.


"The discounts are there to be had. In this economic climate every business can benefit from a saving like this. And it's there with every mailing job," concludes Mr Pesce.

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