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International Licensing Fair Opens Up Global Publishing Opportunities

04 Aug 2009

The FIPP Worldwide Magazine Marketplace (WMM) is the only event in the world designed for publishers who are interested in international licensing, joint ventures and syndication and is uniquely positioned to assist publishers generate and secure new revenue streams for future business.


To be held in Dubai on 2-3 November, the event is primarily for senior executives and licensing managers within the magazine publishing industry. The event attracts more than 500 international media leaders from small, large and independent publishing houses bringing together publishers from all around the world under the one roof. Last years Worldwide Magazine Marketplace attracted more than 400 participants from over 50 countries representing 1000's of titles.


Once registered, publishers have the opportunity to showcase their portfolio to other attendees, as well as access to their own online diary which can be used to start planning appointments before the event.


Virtual Magazine Marketplace (VMM) allows attendees to bring WMM into the office on 16-17 September, before the main event. This system will enable attendees to engage in real-time chat, which means that preliminary discussions can be held before the event so that attendees can use their time at the event more constructively.


Registered attendees so far are coming from countries such as Italy, Thailand, the UK, France, USA, the Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong.


Events such as this highlight how much closer the world is moving together with growing technology and forever evolving shift to the speed and efficiency of online making the distance between countries much smaller and the opportunities greater.



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