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Australian Road Rider Audits as Australia's Leading Roadbike Magazine

18 Aug 2009

Australian Road Rider today audited a record 4.54% sales increase, making it Australia’s leading roadbike magazine.


In a time most magazine categories are experiencing a decline in sales, Australian Road Rider has gone against the trend and recorded an audited figure of 21,971 for the six-month period ending June 2009.


“We are thrilled with the result,” says Associate Publisher, Universal Magazines, Janice Williams. “While sales do fluctuate from one period to the next, it is nice to see an upswing at a time many bike magazines are reducing frequency or abandoning the audit discipline.”


It has been a year of growth for Australian Road Rider. Earlier in the year, the new website was launched as well as a spin-off publication called Road Rider’s Cruiser.


“The good thing about the result is that we have had across-the-board success — it is not attributable to one particular channel that has done freakishly well in the period. Subscriptions have grown significantly and the various retail channels have been very helpful in building up sales. Newsagents have been giving us great display and some chains have started using Road Rider as a section marker,” commented Ms Williams.

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