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ACP Splits from Magazine Publishers Association

26 Aug 2009

The Magazine Publishers of Australia have voted in favour of the proposed tender to overhaul the readership measurement system challenging the current hold by Roy Morgan Research.


News of the proposed tender process was in Publishing Edge back in June of this year.


A statement from the Magazine Publishers of Australia reads:


"The members of Magazine Publishers of Australia have voted to participate in the readership review and tender development process recently initiated by The Newspaper Works.


"The magazine publishers will be involved in the various stages of print audience measurement review and call for submissions, in support of an enhanced set of readership metrics to serve the evolving needs of the industry."


Nick Chan, CEO of Pacific Magazines and chairman of the Magazine Publishers of Australia had previously commented that he was happy with the work of Roy Morgan and had also shown concern for the possible confusion caused by the print industry having two conflicting readership measurement systems.


Chan's more recent comments are, "Notwithstanding our support for the Morgan survey and belief that it serves the industry well, it also makes sense for magazines to be at the table when a process such as this is taking place. We look forward to seeing a positive outcome for the industry as a result of this enterprise."


However, it would appear that not all are happy with the changes with news that ACP Magazines have split from the rest of the print media industry and left the Magazine Publishers of Australia over its opposition to the proposed new readership survey.


As reported in The Australian, ACP, which produce one in two magazines that Australians buy, has thrown its weight behind the existing Roy Morgan readership survey and as of last week is no longer a member of the Magazine Publishers of Australia.


According to an analysis by NDD Distribution, ACP is Australia's biggest magazine publisher with a 51.3 per cent share of total audited magazine sales. Their departure will no doubt leave a hole in the Magazine Publishers of Australia who now have just five members being Pacific Publications, News Magazines, Lovatts Publishing Group, Readers Digest Australia and Time Magazine (Asia Pacific).


Matthew Stanton, ACP Chief operating officer and chief financial officer told The Australian, "Our view is the current system of measuring the high level of engagement through the Roy Morgan process works quite well for us. Our requirements are different to the newspapers and we're happy with the current system we have got. We are interested to see what they come up with to see if it has any relevance for magazines (but we are) not actively participating in it. We will continue to use Morgans (and) we're actively supporting Morgans."


Stanton added, "We'll still be very active in the industry and we'll be working with our industry partners and with the Magazine Publishers of Australia on issues."



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