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Strong Candidates Line up for Publishers Australia Board Elections

08 Sep 2009

The 2009 Annual General Meeting of Publishers Australia is shaping up to be one of the most positive meetings in what could otherwise be described as a bleak year for the publishing community. The ray of light for Publishers Australia is the calibre of the competition for five seats with nine quality candidates.


Geoff Hird, current chairman, is standing for a second term and told Publishing Edge, "The number and quality of the nine nominees for the five vacant Board positions this year underlines where the association has come to, and will ensure we head into another year stronger and more focused than ever before." Hird continued by stating, "Our industry is undergoing massive change, and I believe this opens doors for niche, targeted media that have to this point been shut." Hird has always been passionate about targeted magazine and digital publishing and has established this as his platform in leading the association forward.


In addition to directors Geoff Hird, Pat McElligott and Janice Williams, the following candidates have been nominated for the vacant board positions:



Interesting nominations are those of Colm O'Brien, CEO of Aspermont Ltd, a listed Australian publishing company that has grown from around $6 million to $24 million across B2B sectors embracing Print, Online and Conferencing. Another candidate is Jeremy Vaughan, Managing Director, Haymarket Media which is part of the global Haymarket Group which has 100 title, 75 websites and 130 licenses in the 23 languages of 100 nations. Vaughan will bring the network and experience of his parent company if successful in gaining a directorship.


Other nominated directors, listed above, all have vast experience in the publishing industry bringing with them expertise in the various disciplines publishers embrace in the changing media landscape.





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