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SunRice and Stephanie Rice - Making a Difference with Children

15 Sep 2009

The latest SunRice mainstream and digital marketing campaign has it all: celebrities, corporate responsibility, medical drama, children helping children, consumers making a difference, and money going to good causes both in Australia and overseas.

SunRice joined forces with UNICEF to help stop children under 5 dying of preventable diseases in the Pacific. SunRice have donated a significant amount to fund vaccines that eliminate Measles and control Hepatitis B, as well as vaccination storage, distribution and training.

They have worked with Behind the Line, Vector Digital and Admark Sydney to instigate a program where Primary Schools across Australia can also play a part. Every blue UNICEF logo collected from a SunRice program pack assists SunRice to fund more vaccine doses that will then be distributed via the new infrastructure.

In addition, all logos collected give registered primary schools the opportunity to win $20,000 plus a swim clinic with Stephanie Rice.

As brand ambassador for Sunrice, Stephanie Rice could be visiting the Pacific Islands soon to see first hand how the program works.

In 2008 SunRice signed Olympic golden girl, swimmer Stephanie Rice as their brand ambassador. She is delighted to be part of this important vaccination program, and has begun promoting awareness of it at every opportunity.

“People don't realise when they go on holiday to the Islands, that only a few kilometres from their hotel, there are people living on less than $1 a day. The kids in most Pacific Island countries live far away from any medical centres so they don't always have access to basic vaccines”, Rice said.

“I hope to be visiting the Solomon Islands in September and see for myself how the vaccination program works. I am also excited about the schools competition…I might even swim a lap against the teachers.”


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