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ACP Magazines Shed Over 350 Full Time Jobs

15 Oct 2009

In a speech at an ACP function last week, Ian Law managing director of ACP owner PBL told editors to concentrate on editorial quality, not gimmicks, to achieve genuine sales growth.


Law believes ACP Magazines has entered a "new era" with the focus being on improving editorial. Over the past two years ACP has shed more than 350 of its full time staff including several senior executives and editors as well as closing underperforming titles.


Law acknowledges the problems leading to a quarter of the workforce being shed however, he argues that the company is now in a stronger position to improve its strategy with a view to re-orienting the business towards satisfying readers demand for quality content.


"We are embarking on a new era at ACP Magazines. Some magazine publishers, and I don't absolve ACP from this, have been at risk of taking the view that the cover and the glossy presentation of the book were the most important factors in determining a sales result," said Law.


He added, "I am saying that we need to raise the editorial standard. Without a culture focusing on good content you won't have the readers or viewers you want, and without the readers and viewers you won't have sustainable profits."


Law told The Australian new appointments had already been made and more would be coming. He feels there were clear signs of optimism as the industry continued to deal with the effects of the GFC and consequent advertising slowdown.


"I'm still very wary of what's ahead of us, but I'm cautiously optimistic that the worst is over."



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