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World’s First Individualised Newspaper to Launch

15 Oct 2009

The world's first individualised newspaper will be launched at this year's Ifra Expo 2009 newspaper exhibition in Vienna, taking place this week.


As reported on, the Niiu project, based in Berlin, enables subscribers to select what content their daily newspaper will include when it is delivered, with content downloaded from various news providers on the web and printed overnight.


Berlin residents signing up on the Niiu website can select from local and national news, as well as sport, politics and other specific pull-outs. The newspaper's front and back pages will be adverts based on the user's interests garnered from websites such as Facebook and MySpace.


The website is already running and taking subscriptions; the first newspapers will be sent out on 13 October when the official launch takes place on Océ's stand at the Vienna show.


Krisson said: "As an example, if somebody is at university somewhere they might like to get their local news from home, so they can get pages from the Basingstoke Gazette. But the user also wants national sport. They may choose to take that from The Sun.


"I think it is interesting to note that this is something aimed at getting young people reading newspapers, designed by young people. If this model works I see this going global."


Océ is already in discussion with UK publishers about following the German trial, if it is a success.


Newspaper publishers in Europe have long been using subscription models, but in the UK it is less common.



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