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Magazine Report No Comfort for NZ Publishers

21 Oct 2009

Major New Zealand retail distributor, Gordon & Gotch, released its latest monthly "state of play" which indicates a market still in decline.


In an email from Gordon & Gotch to publishers outlining the key performance results for the past month paint a far gloomier picture than the optimistic results reported in Publishing Edge back in August of this year.


Results are as follows:


  • Magazine dollar sales have declined from 88.97 Mill (MAT 28/09/08) to 86.74 Mill (MAT 27/09/09).


  • Unit sales still continue to decline from 21.31 Mill copies (MAT 28/09/08) to 20.20 Mill copies (MAT 27/09/09).


  • Magazines as a dollar share of the total magazines, newspapers & cookbooks, have declined (latest MAT) from 75.1 per cent to 74.0 per cent. Newspapers have shown a growth, 23.9 per cent (MAT YA), to 25.1 per cent (Latest MAT)


  • Magazine Dollar Growth per cent YA, is down 2.5 per cent, (latest MAT). Newspapers show the biggest dollar growth up 3.7 per cent, cookbooks show an increase of 0.6 per cent.


  • Unit Growth per cent - Magazines (latest MAT) are declining at 5.2 per cent, Newspapers are down 3.6 per cent, (latest MAT) and Cookbooks (latest MAT) down 11.7 per cent.


  • Market Share - Both Progressive and Foodstuffs have stayed the same at 46.3 per cent and 53.7 per cent respectively.


  • Total G&G unit share of distributors (latest MAT) has increased from 54.1 per cent to 54.2 per cent. Netlink has increased from 45.0 per cent to 45.3 per cent (latest MAT).


  • Top 5 G&G Titles at TKA, year to date ($ growth per cent YA) - year to date
  1. TV Guide -6.4 per cent 8.554Mill 
  2. New Idea -0.1 per cent 3.644Mill
  3. That's Life -6.2 per cent 2.184Mill
  4. Healthy Food Guide 1.5 per cent 1.163Mill
  5. NZ house & Garden -3.9 per cent 777K



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