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Print Provides Best ROI According to Study

21 Oct 2009

In a study conducted by BrandScience in the UK, researchers looked at 400 brand case studies, measuring return on investment (ROI) across different media platforms against advertising spend and resulting sales uplift.


The study reveals that print is, in fact, the most effective medium, followed equally by television and outdoor. The use of outdoor at measurable levels, compared with a set of campaigns with no outdoor, boosts the print revenue return on investment (RROI) by 34 per cent.


According to the report, some of which was published in the OAA News October 2009 newsletter, both the FMCG and the new retail study demonstrate that not only is outdoor effective in its own right, but that higher than median expenditure on outdoor creates greater payback, not only for outdoor but also television and print.


Global Director of BrandScience, Sally Dickerson says, "BrandScience results show that outdoor is an essential medium in the mix. Not only does it produce a high return on investment (ROI) in itself, but when outdoor is used, TV is 40 per cent more efficient than it is without outdoor."


As reported in ProPrint, The study shows that for every £1 spent on outdoor advertising, a retailer can expect £3.57 in sales on a par with television, while print adverts bring in £6.23.


However, when combined, outdoor advertising makes print advertising 34 per cent more effective, and improves direct marking campaigns by 61 per cent, according to the OAA.


"The key point coming out of the research was that outdoor makes retailers' print advertising work harder," said OAA chief executive Alan James. "Without outdoor on the schedule, retail advertisers are simply missing out."



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