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Twitter Tempted with Major Advertising Offer

29 Oct 2009

Illustrating the power of social networking, Twitter has been offered $500,000 for 24 hours of ad space and could knock it back.


In what could possibly be the largest offer for a single Internet banner advertisement, Twitter has just been offered a princely sum for just one day of advertising on the site.

Marketing company, who provide a service selling followers on Twitter, have just offered the social media site $500,000 U.S. dollars if Twitter will allow them to place a banner ad on the site for a time period of 24 hours.

"While half-a-million dollars may seem like a large amount to invest in one banner for one day, we believe that the investment will be more than worth it." Said CEO Leon Hill.

Twitter as yet do not offer any kind of advertising on the site, so the move by uSocial may well end up leading to some of the first paid ads on the site. However, it is unsure as to whether Twitter will respond favourably as they may not agree with the content being advertised.



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