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New Magazine Reader Engagement Audit Introduced

17 Dec 2009

The new Verified Recipients is a powerful new metric that has been introduced by the Circulations Audit Board (CAB) which reports those who have actively demonstrated an interest in receiving a publication by way of a personally requested subscription.


The new Verified Recipient Audit will provide media buyers and advertisers with a better understanding and further transparency of the distribution of CAB's Business and Professional publications.


While Verified Recipient reporting will be compulsory from March 2011, some publishers, like Westwick-Farrow Media are setting the benchmark by reporting their verified numbers in the just completed April-Sept 2009 audit period. Publishers who choose to commit to this level of transparency through a Verified Recipient Audit are showing marketers and media buyers they are confident in the value of their publications and the relationship they have established with their target audience.


"This new initiative by the CAB delivers an extra level of transparency to marketers and media buyers. We wanted to be among the first to report this data, as our verified numbers have always been strong due to the quality of information we offer to targeted industry and technology sectors" said Geoff Hird, Associate Publisher at Westwick-Farrow Media.


All 10 of Westwick-Farrow Media's industry and technology-specific magazines now have verified recipient (personally requested) numbers in their audited figures. The initial results, exhibit the percentage of personally requested readers ranging from 55 per cent to 89 per cent.


"It confirms the value of our content and the targeting of our circulation programs, with magazines like Voice&Data and What's New in Electronics showing over 85% per cent fully verified recipients. People do not exchange their valuable business contact data unless they find real value in the information inside, so this new metric should give a new level of confidence to media buyers." Said Hird.



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