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Advertiser and Media Buyer Survey results released by ABA

09 Feb 2010

It has been confirmed by agencies and advertisers that audited circulation data plays a vital role in media planning and purchasing decisions. This was the key finding from the recent survey conducted by the Audit Bureaux of Australia (ABA), which attracted an impressive 24 per cent response rate illustrating the collaborative relationship between the ABA and advertisers and agencies.


Over 70 per cent of respondents stated they used the information available on ABA's eData, an online platform used by members to access audited data, for media planning; and nearly 30 per cent confirmed the information impacted on their purchasing decisions. Over 90 per cent of respondents said that having access to audited figures was either very relevant or relevant to their business.


50 per cent of ABA advertiser and agency users revealed they check publishers' claims online via the ABA portal. Accessing audited print data was the most popular search, (89 per cent ABC and 78 per cent CAB viewed). However, almost half confirmed they were also viewing digital publications or web audited figures alongside print.


In this challenging media industry environment, audited circulation figures are more important than ever. Gordon Towell, ABA CEO comments "independently audited media is the only credible media. These results demonstrate that advertisers, planners and buyers are relying on audited circulation data to make informed buying decisions and assess the performance of media brands."


The ABA sent the survey to over 540 advertiser and advertising agency members to learn what role print circulation and web traffic data plays in the media planning and buying process.


Steve Allen, Managing Director at Fusion Strategy understands the importance of credible data in media planning; "media strategy relies on having insight, so audited figures deliver a great deal more than just lists of which titles are up and which are down. It allows us to sit back and look from 40,000 or 100,000 feet at the various factors that may be influencing those figures. Our analysis of the figures ... give us the insight we need into how various demographics are trending, what level of discretionary spending is around in the population, how healthy is a particular category or sector."


Click here to view the full results of the survey.

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