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Display Ads Viewed Longer on Digital Magazines

08 Apr 2010

According to a new survey called "The Case of Advertising in Interactive Digital Magazines," by Josh Gordon, founder of Smarter Media Sales, digital magazines compare favorably to other electronic media when it comes to advertising and reader experiences.


The survey shows that 70 per cent of the readers of the digital editions that participated in the study were less likely to ignore display ads in digital editions than on Web sites. On average, interactive magazines are viewed for 20 to 30 minutes while the average Web site visit is eight to nine minutes


As reported by the Center for Media Research, the results of the study show 71 per cent of respondents said ads on digital editions were less intrusive than Web sites (where reader action is often very goal-oriented) while 79 per cent said ads in digital editions were more credible.

The study also found that respondents found ads in digital magazines more helpful than ads in other electronic media. Ads in digital magazines were named the most interesting, followed by TV ads (mobile phone ads were ranked the least interesting).

According to the survey, 82 per cent of respondents say digital magazines were "more engaging" than Web sites with similar content (compared to 18 per cent who chose the web sites). In terms of overall reading experience, readers chose digital magazines over Web sites (The report notes that in some areas, digital editions are perceived to offer more content than Web sites even though they typically offer less, and that readers of digital editions are more accepting of digital extras, like video and flash animation).

When it comes to reading the digital edition, digital "extras" can often spark interest in an article the reader may have otherwise ignored. About one in five respondents said they play a "digital extra" before moving on to another article, while 28.1 per cent said they will read a bit of the article and then play the digital extra before moving on to the next article. 44 per cent of respondents said digital extras give articles they had no interest in a second chance to be read.

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