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News Ltd Moves Fast on iPad Launch

13 Apr 2010

In a report in The Australian it has been confirmed that they will be launching a dedicated iPad application to coincide with the arrival of the device in Australia later this month.

"The Australian newspaper will be launching a native application designed specifically for the iPad by the end of April or early May," said Grant Holloway, managing editor online for The Australian.

Holloway said it was an important step in making the newspaper available to readers across a range of platforms.

"We saw an opportunity to start thinking about what our brand might be able to do in the field of new devices such as iPads several months ago and we made a very quick decision to go full-steam ahead with developing something to coincide with the launch of the device, or as near as we can do it, in Australia."

"A lot of important people, including Steve Jobs, see this device as being potentially a game change in the field of publishing," Holloway said.

"Whether it is or it isn't, we feel the need to be active in these technologies."

Nick Leeder, deputy chief executive of The Australian, said pricing would be announced with the launch of the application.

"We are not yet in a position to talk about pricing," Mr Leeder said. "We are very likely to charge and will choose to carry advertising."

Mr Leeder said a lot of work had gone into making the experience of reading the paper on the iPad one that made the most of the medium but also reflected the intuitive manner in which people read newspapers.

Holloway said that much had been learned from designing an earlier iPhone app for the newspaper.

"What is so compelling to us is it gives us the opportunity to bring a greater range of our editorial judgment and skill to the delivery of the end product," he said.

"We have less of the technical constraints around design that exist in the web environment for journalism.

"So for us it's an opportunity to showcase a broader range of our editorial experience in a much more attractive environment for users and advertisers."


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