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Data Reveals Significant Growth in Specialist Publishing Sector

02 Jun 2010

The Circulations Audit Board (CAB) recently released circulation data for free and controlled distribution for the period ending 31st of March 2010. Over the last 6-months, the CAB has seen substantial growth in business and specialty publisher applications with 41 new titles including custom magazines such as Australia Today, Coles Magazine, BMW Magazine and Honda Magazine now achieving audited status.

The recent CAB data release delivered important insights into print circulation trends, and geographical and comparative analysis by industry sector for over 730 publications together with digital media metrics including websites and digital publications. CAB's circulation data allows media buyers and advertisers to analyse both circulation and distribution data in order to assist informed business decision making.

The CAB reported on over 35 million distributed audited copies which revealed some interesting trends. Compared to September 2009 Business and Professional titles decreased overall distribution by 0.26 per cent, Specialty publications decreased distribution by 2.48 per cent and Community Newspapers 0.84 per cent. In the last 6-months, 41 titles have joined the CAB contributing 14.55% to the total distribution of audited titles. Out of the 41 new titles there were 8 Business & Professional, 25 Specialty and 6 Community Newspapers, with growth in the lifestyle, travel and tourism and motoring categories.

Through CAB's online platform eData, members have access to the extensive and constantly updated database of audited data, and have the ability to create a variety of unique personalised reports and searches. This resource also allows visitors to download data for use in other applications.

In this challenging media industry environment, audited circulation figures are more important than ever. Gordon Towell, CEO of the CAB commented, "It's fantastic to see more publishers becoming members and committing to an audit. It demonstrates that in these turbulent times, it is extremely valuable for publishers to be seen as credible and trustworthy to advertisers and media buyers, regardless of whether they produce print, web or digital publications".

Towell added "independently audited media is the only credible media. Advertisers, planners and buyers are relying on audited circulation data to make sound buying decisions and assess the performance of media brands."

Steve Allen, Managing Director at Fusion Strategy understands the importance of credible data in media planning; "media strategy relies on having insight, so audited figures deliver a great deal more than just lists of which titles are up and which are down. Our analysis of the figures give us the insight we need into how various demographics are trending, what level of discretionary spending is around in the population, how healthy is a particular category or sector."

A recent survey of agencies and advertisers by the CAB confirmed that audited circulation data plays a vital role in media planning and purchasing decisions. Over 70 per cent of respondents stated they used the information available on eData for media planning, and nearly 30 per cent confirmed the information impacted on their purchasing decisions. The survey also revealed that over 90 per cent of respondents said having access to audited figures was either very relevant or relevant to their business.


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