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Publishers Australia Endorses ABA digital audit services

09 Jun 2010

The Publishers Australia board of directors voted to officially endorse the Audit Bureaux of Australia's (ABA) Digital Audit services. This follows recommendations from the Publishers Australia Digital Leadership Group, and Publishers Australia CEO, Alan Sarkissian.

The move endorses the ABA's methodology for digital audits and confirms to the membership of Publishers Australia that the executive team and the board believe that it is the only trusted, centralised, independent and standardised reporting in Australia. The ABA's digital audit service was an initiative involving the collaboration and support of peak industry bodies, the MFA, AANA and IAB.

"This is a real leadership position that underlines how critical we see the issue of digital auditing as an increasingly important analytical channel," said Publishers Australia CEO, Alan Sarkissian. "We are right behind this, as it is the end-result of the ABA's commitment towards creating greater standardisation and transparency of online audience metrics across the digital publishing landscape."

The ABA Digital Audit Service includes a range of services that audit and verify audience metrics and measurement rules-compliance for digital properties including websites, digital publications and email newsletters.

Gordon Towell, ABA CEO, commented, "The endorsement from Publishers Australia is an important commitment to advertisers and media buyers delivering credible, audited data about digital properties."

Towell added; "It's a perfect solution for niche and specialty publishers because the process is simple, the price-point affordable and the audit service recognises the need to measure the increasingly divergent media channels used to reach audiences today."

Towell confirmed; "We look forward to working with the association and its Digital Leadership Group, to help Publishers Australia members benefit from the power of audited media."

"The Board of Publishers Australia is happy to endorse and support the ABA's new Web Audits, especially as the ABA continue to encourage dialogue between key industry stakeholders as they develop the audits," said the Chair of the association, Geoff Hird.

"Along with key executives from ad agency land, several publishers, including myself, are currently meeting monthly with the CAB on the Digital Watchdog Committee to ensure the new system delivers as much transparency as possible to media buyers and advertisers and that it genuinely compares apples with apples," said Hird. "In line with the benchmark being set by the BPA in the USA and Europe, the new ABA web audits are the only independent measurement in the web traffic metrics minefield."


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