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Industry Magazine showcases Peel n Taste strip

22 Jun 2010

The benefit for magazine publishers from value added printing (VAP) is significant with the International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP's) quarterly title, Magazine World, featuring a Peel ‘n Taste strip, as of the newest and most innovative techniques available in print magazine publishing.

The Peel ‘n Taste strip appears on the centre spread of issue 65 of Magazine World, and features case studies about how the technique has been used by other magazine publishers. This initiative is a collaboration between FIPP, the PrintCity Alliance, First Flavor and Sun Chemical.

Chris Llewellyn, president and CEO, FIPP said: "We are delighted to be able to demonstrate this innovation in FIPP's flagship title, Magazine World. The Peel ‘n Taste tab is a clever use of print technology that can enhance the reader experience, and offers an interesting opportunity for advertisers. As our article demonstrates, it's also proving to be a useful promotional technique for magazine marketers around the world, and proof once again of the way in which the traditional magazine market is able to innovate."

Rainer Kuhn, PrintCity managing director said: "In an increasingly complex multi-media world, the future of printed magazines is directly linked to increasing reader and advertiser value. This VAP example is just one of the opportunities to be demonstrated over future editions, helping to grow the reader and advertiser impact of printed magazines."


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