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WellBeing first Australian health magazine to announce iPad edition

01 Jul 2010

Universal Magazines title, WellBeing has announced that the next edition of the magazine will be available for iPad.

"For us, the iPad represents a chance to find new readers," said Associate Publisher, Janice Williams.

"WellBeing is read by a group of predominantly AB women who are informed in their lifestyle choices, are able to invest in a nature‐based lifestyle and see the publication as both refuge and authority. Because of the type of market we reach we must be available in this new technology.

"Based on the American experience, it would seem that the early adopters of iPad are definitely the socioeconomic Abs, our audience, who would be interested in the quality and experience that WellBeing offers," said Ms Williams.

"We see iPad as a new channel that is complementary to existing established channels," explained Ms Williams.

"WellBeing is an experience - it can be enjoyed in a variety of mediums. Although the iPad subscribers won't get the CDs and DVDs that we produce for retail sale, they get an experience that is highly visual, convenient and which, over time, will include greater interactivity."

It is expected that much of the circulation gained from this initiative will be obtained overseas in markets where reader devices have taken off quickly. "We expect digital publishing to go through a few guises in the next 18 months as there are more readers coming onto the market and a broader range of retailers selling them by the end of the year," said Ms Williams.


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