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News Targets Advertisers with New Research

21 Jul 2010

The results of News Limited's first Newspaper Sectional Readership study have been released this week unveiling the findings to advertisers and media agencies.

Advertisers will now have greater understanding of how audiences connect with content in News Limited newspapers across News, Sports, Business, body+soul, TV Guide, Escape, Your Money and Confidential.

Tony Kendall, Director Sales News Limited said, "In response to the on-going appetite for information regarding the value of newspaper sections, we undertook research to provide advertisers with greater accountability and understanding of who reads our newspapers and importantly the content that enriches their day.'

The research makes it easier for media planners and advertisers to understand how readers engage with the content they seek in News Limited newspapers, including how long and how often they spend with the many sections published throughout the week. The research helps define specific audiences for each section, along with the content of most importance and interest.

The results of the study provide support to the powerful loyalty readers have and quantifies time spent reading per section across the week. It also delves into the all important Sunday reading ritual. The study conducted by Newspoll across metropolitan and national daily and Sunday mastheads gained responses from over 14,000 readers and a multitude of learning. The research provides robust data around the high value of sport for men, the importance of Escape in helping more Australians plan their travel, through to the dynamic connections women have with sections such as body+soul and Confidential.

"Some of the results of the study were a surprise, for example, more women read Confidential than the leading weekly women's magazines. We also found that health and beauty is important to male readers who spend over ten minutes on average each week reading body+soul."

"The market place asked for accountability and we've invested heavily in this national study to deliver transparency to advertisers and assist planners with useful, insightful information of our readers' involvement with our sections."

"Media Planners in agencies will be provided with the full database to conduct their own deep analysis and mine information specific to their client's brands and audiences."


Some interesting facts uncovered include:


Confidential More women read Confidential than the leading weekly women's magazines.

Body + Soul Health and wellbeing is important to women with 90 per cent of our Sunday female readers dedicating time to enrich their lives with body+soul every week.

News News Limited metropolitan newspaper readers commit 45 minutes of their day absorbing the newspaper content.

Sport Victorian men spend more time reading the sport section than any other state.

Escape For those intending to travel Escape is an important source of information, spending 16 minutes reading it every week.

Your Money Both men and women find personal finance important with 82 per cent of Your Money readers finding the content interesting and involving.

TV Guide More Australians still get their weekly entertainment information from the TV Guide than any other source.

Men Health and wellbeing is important to male readers who spend over 10 minutes on average with body+soul every week.

The Australian Readers spend over an hour with The Weekend Australian every week.

Women 88 per cent of our female readers think Travel & Indulgence in The Weekend Australian is important to them and spend almost 20 minutes reading the section each week.

The study also identifies the level of loyalty amongst News Limited readers, for example two thirds of Sunday Metropolitan readers set aside time to read the Sunday papers every week.


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