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Online Audience Measurement System to be Initiated

30 Sep 2010

IAB Australia, with the support of the MFA and the AANA, has announced it is inviting online audience measurement (OAM) vendors to submit their services for tender evaluation for a standard measure of the $2 billion online media market.

The invitation is the culmination of extensive work by the IAB Australia Measurement Council and will result in one vendor being endorsed as the sole and exclusive preferred supplier for the planning, buying and reporting of OAM for a three year term.

According to Paul Fisher, CEO of IAB Australia, the work carried out to date by the Measurement Council was an essential precursor to moving to a measurement system encompassing more than just panel data.

"We have liaised extensively with our IAB cousins in the US, UK and EU to learn from their experiences regarding OAM technology, models and partnerships. It is clear that a standard OAM currency is one of the most significant contributors to the growth of online advertising and we have been working hard to assist industry to arrive at such a result," said Mr Fisher.

"The Measurement Council has reviewed and evaluated a number of possible models for the provision of OAM in the Australian market and following consultation with the MFA we have concluded that a preferred supplier model will best suit Australian market requirements.

"The recent advancements in OAM technology coupled with the increased number of OAM providers, particularly in the Australian marketplace, means that the timing is now right to undertake a tender process," concluded Mr Fisher.

All submissions will be reviewed by a specially constituted Technical Review Group (TRG) which will be chaired by Ian Muir, one of Australia's leading media measurement executives.

As reported in The Australian; At present up to 40 companies, including Nielsen, ComScore, Experian Hitwise, Omniture and Google Analytics, measure internet traffic. The measurement of browsers, rather than the people using them, has led to widespread duplication: at last count there were 110 million browsers in Australia, an anomaly explained by the fact that work and home computers, as well as laptops, are surveyed.

As marketers come under increasing pressure from their finance departments to justify their activity, measurement has become a hot issue in the $12.5 billion advertising market, added The Australian.

The TRG will include measurement experts from the IAB Measurement Council, the MFA and the AANA. It's expected that the tender process will be finalised in the first half of 2011.


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