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Nielsen Study Stats Reveal iPad Winners

28 Oct 2010

Although the iPad is still relatively new, early indications are that a majority of users are willing to pay for content on the tablet and that books and video are the two most popular forms of media they choose to consume on the iPad, with magazines a close third. Highlights of a Nielsen study on connected devices recently released can be viewed online by clicking here. The survey also found something that will likely pique the interest of advertisers looking to the iPad as a new opportunity: Users said they spent longer with the content they were reading, watching or listening to on the iPad vs. the iPhone (the survey didn't compare content consumption on either device to offline behavior or content consumed on other devices).

Not surprisingly perhaps - given the iPad's larger screen - users said they read books and watched video such as TV and movies on the device more than they do on the iPhone. Survey respondents said they read books 39 percent of the time on the iPad, compared with just 13 per cent of the time on the iPhone, and they watched TV shows 33 per cent of the time on the larger device vs. just 11 per cent of the time on the phone. The iPhone won out for content such as news (53 per cent of the time, vs. 44 per cent on the iPad) and music (51 per cent of the time on the iPhone vs. 41 per cent on the iPad).

Watching movies was far more popular on the iPad in terms of time spent than the iPhone, with the largest group of respondents saying they spent between 1 and 2 hours doing this. The iPad appears to be an appealing way to spend more time with the news as well, which should be good news for magazine and newspaper publishers who are looking to the tablet as a way of boosting their fortunes; more than 30 per cent of users said they spent as much as half an hour reading news on their iPad, compared with just 15 per cent of iPhone users who said the same thing.

As far as paying for content is concerned, more than 90 per cent of iPad owners reported that they had bought at least one app. The most paid-for apps and content are games, followed by books, then music. Shopping and news-related apps are also popular, as well as location-based apps and those having to do with movies.





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