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CAB Gets Close to Advertisers

28 Oct 2010

The Circulations Audit Board (CAB) will increase its engagement with advertisers and media buyers through a range of promotional and educational events in the next 12 months as it continues to communicate the benefits of audited media to the industry.

The enhanced focus on advertisers, which will also provide advertisers and media buyers with a greater voice at the policy table, was announced this month at the CAB's annual general meeting in Sydney.

Paul Dovas, CEO, CAB said the advertiser education and recruitment push would also build momentum in the lead up to CAB's first ever members' conference, to be held in 2011.

"Our advertiser members are the linchpins of our tripartite membership. Accountability in ad spend begins with advertisers giving preference to media agencies who support audited media. This is the fundamental principle that has been driving the CAB for over 50 years and it's no less important in today's evolving media landscape," said Mr Dovas.

In addition to major advertisers and media buyers, Mr Dovas said CAB will reach out to small businesses and advertisers in cooperation with publishers, offering training courses, limited free access to the CAB website and material to communicate the value of audited media and the risks of advertising in non-audited media.

Attendees at the AGM on 20 October were also told of the CAB's growing digital media membership and the success of its web audit service, which was launched last year and is now delivering audited web audience data for more than 150 niche and specialty websites.

The AGM saw the election of a new board of directors with Rob Yeomans and Adrian Farrow re-elected as President and Vice President respectively and David Stuart stepping down from his role as Honorary Treasurer after 10 years.



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