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ABC’s Advertisers, Advertising Agencies and Publishers Working Together

28 Oct 2010

The ABC at their AGM affirmed their commitment to providing the media industry with circulation numbers they can trust by launching a review of the rules and the reporting of net paid sales to meet advertiser and agency requests for greater transparency through more granular reporting.

A Rule Review Sub-Committee will be formed in the coming week with support from the AANA and Media Federation of Australia as well as senior publishing representatives to look at issues including subscription reporting, additional category or ‘bucket' reporting and sales by price-point as well as the outcome of the current ‘education sale' investigations. The review will also aim to reach an agreement relating to issue specific reporting of newspapers and magazines.

Carol Morris, Executive Director of the MFA expressed the need for urgency and commitment with the publishers at the AGM in seeking a resolution on issue specific reporting and rigour in reviewing the existing rules that constitute net paid sales ‘The MFA was a very active and keen participant in the 2006 rule review and we look forward to making swift progress in these areas by working with advertisers and publishers through the newly formed sub-committee.'

The Rule Review Sub-Committee will hold its first meeting by mid-November, and this is expected to be followed by weekly meetings. The General Committee will meet to endorse any proposed changes before going to a vote by members. The ABC expects to announce the outcome of the review within three months.

Dr Stephen Hollings, Chairman of the ABC, highlighted the ABC's tradition of working with its advertiser, agency and publisher members through dialogue and consultation to develop rules that meet the changing needs of the industry. ‘The ABC's open and transparent review process ensures that the rules continue to evolve to meet the dynamic nature of our industry. The integrity of circulation numbers is vital to the credibility of the industry.'

At the meeting the General Committee endorsed the re-election of the Executive Committee that has served for the past year.


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