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Australian Media Tablet Market Set to Explode

02 Dec 2010

A new study released by Telsyte predicts over one million media tablet devices will be sold in Australia in 2011. Telsyte forecasts the media tablet market to grow from $292 million in 2010 to $1.35bn in 2014. Telsyte has identified a number of factors driving the market.

"The Australian media tablet market is poised to explode. Media tablets are an industry transforming device with implications for hardware vendors, media organisations, software companies and telecom carriers" Foad Fadaghi, Research Director at Telsyte says.


  • Push from print media organisations (newspapers & magazines) to grow readership through media tablet apps.
  • Rapid cannibalisation of other markets such as netbooks, eBook readers and portable video devices.
  • Increase in range and features available, particularly in Android devices.
  • Decrease in device prices and reductions in mobile broadband charges.
  • Push from telcos and retailers, particularly around the holiday season.
  • Greater familiarity with devices amongst consumers.
  • Greater adoption of cloud based services allowing business applications to be accessed on media tablets.

In 2011, the market leader is expected to remain Apple with 60 per cent market share, down from over 90 per cent in 2010. Android devices are expected to have 35 per cent market share in 2011 with Blackberry tablet OS and other platforms making up the rest of the market.

Telsyte estimates that around 400,000 Australian consumers will be using a media tablet by the end of 2010, with approximately a quarter sharing a device. Telsyte estimates that around 20,000 Australian businesses have purchased at least one media tablet for their organisation.

Telsyte's media tablet study was based on supply side interviews with over 30 media tablet vendors and channels, media publishers and telecoms carriers. In addition, demand side research was conducted with 1010 consumers and 900 business ICT decision makers. It provides insights and forecasts to 2014 and is suitable for vendors, media publishers and business and government end users.


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