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The Future of Email Marketing

10 Dec 2010

In an article posted by MediaPost by Loren McDonald, the question is posed - What will the email world look like a year from now? Change used to happen incrementally, but look at the frenetic year that was 2010.

Some things only change a little, like deliverability, rendering and spam issues. But the marketing world and email's role in it have begun to shift over the last 12 months, and the repercussions from those changes will be felt as trends for the next 12.


Email marketers who recognise and act on the changes that have taken place in the ways their customers choose to communicate with them and with each other will be in the best position to adapt their email programs and stay relevant.

According to McDonald four 'Uber-Trends' that will drive changes in email marketing are:-

1. Social Media/Network Adoption: Facebook is approaching 600 million users and Twitter 150 million. Social commerce is about to explode. Social is simply a game changer.


2. Mobile: Smartphones are expected to outsell PCs for the first time in 2011. Forrester Research is predicting tablet sales in the U.S. will overtake netbook sales by 2012, and desktop sales by 2015. Mobile is a platform, not a channel.


3. Social Inbox: Facebook, AOL and other ISPs and email clients are finally moving toward a multichannel inbox. Email's battle for consumer mindshare begins moving to the inbox itself.


4. Location/Local marketing: Check-ins via Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla, et al, combined with local-offer services like Groupon, are the "new coupons." "Local" is the next big thing.

Source: MediaPost



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