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Where are Magazines Heading in the Digital Age

22 Feb 2011

The fight is on for magazines to get their share of the advertising dollar although magazines generate approximately $650 million in advertising and $1 billion in sales.

In an article published in The Sydney Morning Herald, magazine readers engagement was tracked over the past half century. The article stated in part:

"We fondly remember growing up with magazines. Some of our older male readers will recall the racy 1960s Man magazine at the barber's. In those days barber shops were for men and hairdressers were for women.

But in the 1960s, the real excitement at the barber's was the risque magazines and their near bare-breasted pictorials, with a flimsy modesty maintained by the use of pasties - without the sauce!"

The article questioned where magazines are heading in the digital age? "They not only have to compete with each other but with the giant newspaper groups, which pour out insert magazines free every week. However, the media environment is becoming more specialised. Increasingly people are looking for material that just covers their own individual world. Older magazines were for all people, but now, if you are a four-wheel-drive driver and only want to know about the mountain tracks, then there needs to be a magazine just for that.

The ad dollars have flown, but they will come back if publishers can link their magazines to the internet. If you can get all the information you want from the magazine you trust on your smartphone, you're more likely to come back. Both big magazine publishers are in a race to get you to do just that. They're part of big media empires of course and they are moving quickly to wrap up the ad dollars by tying them to their other enterprises. In the case of Pacific Magazines, it's with Yahoo! and Seven Group. Women's Weekly and ACP are in with the Nine Network."

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald


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