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ACP Combines with Industry Suppliers to Promote Print Product

22 Feb 2011

PMP, Offset Alpine, Blue Star and Ego are among 17 industry players collaborating on a showcase publication being sent to media buyers as part of ACP's I Love Magazines campaign.

A major promotional magazine backed by 17 industry suppliers will be published by ACP and distributed to advertising agencies across Australia to illustrate what is possible with print.

Techniques on show include tip-ons, textured varnish, pull-outs and a 3D spread complete with its own set of 3D glasses.

Printers include Caxton Web, Webstar, Into Print, Megacolour, Geon and STI Lilyfield.

Each printing house produced a section of the publication and bound as a magazine. Paper and finishes have also supported the initiative.

Some 10,000 copies of the publication have been produced and will be distributed over coming months.

Ian McHutchison, ACP's general manager for production serviceswas reported in ProPrint that the goal was to create something that was easy and affordable to recreate for advertisers.

"There were a lot of ideas that came up from the creative team that we could do, but it got down to the practicality and at the end of the day this is meant to look like a magazine and not a book," McHutchison told ProPrint. "All of these elements can be done without huge production costs."

Companies involved in the publication:

  • AllKotes
  • Blue Star
  • Burgo Group
  • Caxton Web
  • CellMark
  • Dagaz Paper
  • Ego
  • Geon
  • Gold East Paper
  • InfoPrint
  • Megacolour
  • Offset Alpine Printing
  • PMP
  • Spicers Paper
  • STI Lilyfield
  • UPM
  • Webstar

Source: ProPrint



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