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FIPP launches second Innovations in Magazines World Report

17 Mar 2011

The second Innovations in Magazines 2011 World Report identifies, monitors and dissects brilliant innovations in magazines which deliver new readers, revenues and relevance to magazines around the world. Launched at the FIPP/VDZ/emediaSF Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin, Germany, Innovations 2011 showcases a new age of exciting innovation.

The survey highlights a series of magazine case studies and interviews showing initiatives that have a proven track record of being successful, focusing on identifying innovation in content-driven solutions. The study is co-published by Innovation International Media Consulting Group and FIPP - the worldwide magazine media association.

Chris Llewellyn, FIPP president and CEO, said: "Our first edition was a huge success and I'm sure the new edition will prove just as stimulating and thought provoking. E-publishing and iPad initiatives feature strongly of course, and all the early excitement was about what the technology could do, and what it meant for content deployment and the user experience. Whilst this focus of attention will never go away, there is no doubt that just at the moment the debate has shifted firmly on to business model considerations."

Case studies include:

  • The tablet revolution
  • Exploiting social media
  • Augmented reality and 2D tags
  • Mobile, video, reality TV and gaming
  • Digital newsstands
  • Paywall experiments . . . and much more

Juan Senor and John Wilpers, Innovations editors said: "Readers expect much more from publishers on tablets than two-dimensional content. They expect digital narratives; along with content they can read, watch, touch and share. It means we need to learn to design for eyes and for fingers simultaneously. It means we must change workflows in our newsrooms. It means we must rethink subscription and advertising models. It means we must innovate as never before.

"And it means that while our focus on quality content has become more relevant than ever before, 2011 and the decade to come signal a new age of exciting innovation for publishers and the beginning of forever."

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