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World First Planning and Buying Platform Launched for Advertisers

24 Mar 2011

Advertising technology company Adboss has launched a new online platform - - that provides advertisers with a one-stop solution for planning and buying advertising cost-effectively and with complete confidence.

The new Adboss platform is a simple but powerful resource and represents a world-first for direct advertisers. The platform - that covers print and online publishers, TV and radio broadcasters - has been built with patented, Australian technology developed by Adboss, an Australian-owned and operated company based in Melbourne.

In announcing the launch, Adboss said it had already signed more than 100 advertisers to its new online platform across a wide range of industry sectors including retail; hospitality and travel; property; manufacturing; and professional, business and medical services.

Adboss joint managing director, Jason Rose, said: "Our platform delivers better outcomes for advertisers while saving them time."

"Adboss gives advertisers the tools they need to make smarter advertising decisions and secure the most competitive proposals from media companies.

Co-founder and joint managing director Eden Rose added: "It's all about confidence. We've developed this platform so businesses can make professional media buying decisions quickly and easily. With Adboss, advertisers can identify the best value for their ad budgets and confidently buy their advertising."

The Adboss platform, which is free for advertisers to use, guides advertisers through the entire advertising process. It provides them with tools to select the most relevant media brands for a given target audience as well as tools to professionally and confidentially brief media brands through the platform.

These live advertising briefs are delivered through Adboss directly to the advertiser's chosen media companies. The process is essentially a tender in which the advertiser's invited media brands are given the opportunity to confidentially respond through the platform with their best proposal, including all relevant costs.

Only the advertiser sees the responses to their brief and can make informed choices based not only on cost, but on a variety of other criteria available to them through the Adboss platform, including easy-to-understand audience figures as well as insight into more intangible attributes such as media companies' brands.

"Direct advertisers can find the advertising process daunting. They need to make every advertising dollar work and work hard," Jason Rose said.

For media companies, Adboss offers considerable potential benefits. It creates an additional, cost-effective channel to reach direct advertisers - a traditionally fragmented and difficult-to-access market.

The platform brings prospective new advertisers to media companies they might not have previously accessed, and gives them the ability to compete for advertising budgets they might not have been aware of.

"Adboss delivers comprehensive, professional advertising briefs to media companies, giving them everything they need to respond effectively. The platform also helps media companies close deals faster because it gives advertisers the confidence they need to buy."

He added that media companies retained full control of their inventory, while the platform ensures confidentiality between the advertiser and media company.

"It's not just a numbers game. We also provide the forum for media companies to showcase their brand to potential advertisers," he said.


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